Company Culture  
The enterprise culture is the spirit of enterprise development. It carries forward the value orientation and concept criteria of an enterprise, coheres all the staffs¡¯ confidence in the long-term development of an enterprise, inspires the staff to constantly pursue in their career and to have strong passion in their work, and promotes the increasing prosperity and sustainable development of an enterprise.

After nearly 13 years of development, Laoshan Tianlong has already formed their enterprise culture with their characteristics, giving priority to the ¡°Providing First-class Services and First-class Quality¡± with ¡°the Highest Quality, the Sincerest Attitude and the safest Production¡± as the supplementary. They are the cultural accumulation of our years of unremitting efforts, and we will unwaveringly insist on it and complete it in our future development.

 [1] Pioneering Period 1996-2000
Laoshan Tianlong calls it the culture of pioneering period. In 1996, Mr. Gao Weiyan, the President of our company, took the first step of the enterprise development with two earliest employees in an old and small factory building in Qingdao. At that time, our company mainly produced turnbuckles. During that hard period, our President and staffs laid the solid foundation for today¡¯s Laoshan Tianlong with practical and hardworking spirit.
 [2] Development Period 2000-2008
Laoshan Tianlong calls it the culture of development period. In 2000, Mr. Gao Weiyan, the President of our company, found that the development of our company was seriously limited by the size of our factory building. At that times of Chinese economic boom, the extension of our company¡¯s infrastructure became a critical part of our development principle, therefore our company moved to the current site entirely later. This important step gave a reliable guarantee of optimizing quality and maintaining productive capacity for our company.
 [3] A New Reform and Development Started from 2009
Laoshan Tianlong calls it a new development period. In 2009, after reviewing the development history and cultural accumulation from 1996 up to now, Mr. Gao Weiyan, the President of our company, first put forward the concept of ¡°Three-est¡± to provide all our customers with a better service ¨C the highest quality, the sincerest attitude and the safest production. In the same year, he also made the future development goals: while improving the product quality, increasing the number of customers, adjusting the industrial structure of our company and contributing what we can afford to the society, we will also thoroughly study the advantages and disadvantages of our company in the past many years to improve them in a correct, reasonable and harmonious way.
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